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11 November
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I have autism, or aspergers. I easily spot four leaf clovers, or a mantis on the beanstalk. I can memorize numbers and spot patterns in the bigger picture. Like most with the condition I often prefer the company of animals. Socially awkward, growing up I believe it was just "shy". I live alone in the country five miles from five different small towns thirty from Cincinati. I have six dogs and three chickens. Dozens of local birds that like to eat with them. Gardens to set in the front yard, many flowers and a few acres of forest that needs cleaned after wind storms.

I am a hippie, I love everyone and every living thing. Even the happy mosquito who bites me and I squish. Love is not a human concept, and it is my belief that unselfish love is the key to harmony. Being said most of the world is selfish, reality can be harsh. Thank goodness for smiles and laughter or we'd be drowned in tears.. Man is the animal who laughs.

Peace Love and Empathy

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