Love and light

I am tired. I can only go forward.  I am here, ask and I would help with about anything.  Others find me fairly constantly.  Forward...all I know.  Sometimes my heart hurts. mostly my soul pains.  I can barely accept this world, to ask others to see light..

Every person is a human being. Heart and soul.

they are born this way, deserve every chance to happiness. To never know greed nor lust.  I wish the world for the next generation..  Aunt sandy is right. I am shy.. That fact I have done as much as i have. is as astonishing as no one in this world noticing.  

I could not write it better if i tried. why it would seem so real.. I am still human.  The world is still mundane. Things are not truly this way. the last years of denial are hard to wear off.  I feel screams of both sides. Save them, Burn them....////zavalon and gesser balance eternally every persons potential.  

Others, we have the conscious choice. The knowledge of the gloom and the light that shines through.  I know I could reach through...what i would ask, say.  Love is light, i bring you light.  As all of you have lit up my darkness


Life is strange, ironic.  Flash drives came today. 2TB memory sticks,  Useful with so much data.  Has had no impact on clearing drives.  Was slow and is missing a large portion of copied files...

None the less, Linux goes on laptop A, laptop B will get software on its Vista Os If it can handle editing...(this is B) Chromebook is great for battery,mobile stream

Hp systems, came with Windows.  Which drive to which...  a bit of parts swapping.. Ran fine on linux,, Should get a few steady runners out of this pile of junk.  

Hopefully moving forward well. Server either works or gives in quickly.  These systems use 3 types of Ram,Processors,Video GPU cards.  Have been collecting dust too long.

Shorts, comedy. music and thought.  In days coming revamping home network.  Hopefully set an old phone as VLC remote, take clips from the shows and movies as they play..Documentaries I cannot find elsewhere.. I am determined to use all the bandwidth I pay for... To which..Books..Killing me.. I do not want to scrub exif of everything,, but I do not want to overlook something to cause me trouble.. Then most people need an app..bea

Always do a firewall, then free software. Blocking telemetry servers. (or forwarding to nowhere via hosts)  Is insane how software is becoming.  Facebook tells me birthday.. I miss the old numerical layots, I remember those easier. A Calendar on the wall.. I have 3 time zones in front of me.  Is funny how chrome is local but FB responds UTC.

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Good people, rusting away


There are calm, good people in the world

which treads silently and quietly through life

as if they were treading on cotton,

and our eyes never notice

neither them nor her silent joy or torment.

There are silent sufferers in the world

which just smiled wearily and bitterly

to people when they are severely offended by them

and sumin them innocent, like a flower.

And there are ... lonely and good people,

with cheeks swollen and yellow,

that they hear neither laughter nor weeping,

living like a lonely and wild thorn,

but with the thorns turned inward,

that no one ever scratches

and not to stab anyone

to only his own born heart and himself.

Our eye does not see them when it meets them,

when they pass quietly in a peaceful way,

because they do not touch anyone with their elbows

in the eternal hustle and bustle of this world.

And they live like this, silent and unhappy,

and miles like shadows, like time and hours,

and only when they die, broken and withered,

publish black death posters

that they also lived with us.

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My comment to an entry 'Walk across the river.' by milana202

I cannot thank enough, letting go of regret. Is foggy, many facts. I knew the first time I saw her eyes change color. I knew much of the spiritual world already, rarely helped me much. Now I know why. I wasn't crazy. I saw who I saw. I feel likely I know you as well.
I have met hundreds of old souls. Most end at that, small friendships. Busy lives. Recently, ones I have known before.. I am not that old but many did not make it to 20. To return so soon..
The world is changing, Tomorrow must be a better day and we all must do out best. Love is the answer, positive cancels negative.

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SoulForge, Sword of Destiny

I go through, looking for inspiration. Life has been Surreal lately.  I am half procrastinating. I have idea, persons of example.  Part of me still, afraid?, of being heard and seen.  If people are going to listen I must be assertive and deliberate.  I suppose it is an honest concern, short of fear but still I should be better than this..

The energy that is flowing, the movement of time changes without notice. Is good, for seeing a better tomorrow sooner.  Is Very weird to live through.  Coincidence that simply cannot be by man regardless of the forethought.  Dreams and the lack there of. Or lack of memory.  

I have seen many glimpses.  I know what I do/have done. But not where, who with, and exactly how.  Sometimes, remembering "Law of confusion"  If I do see it, I would not know until me "now" is understanding.  In short, No fortune teller can tell you, past life or present, anything that would directly affect your life choice.  

Looking forward is easy enough. Stifling the curious thought, in favor of momentum.  Looking in the mirror, through the eyes.  Difficult at first.  

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Mud Winter

I am so tired the weather, it hasn't been dry a day since August when we needed it.  It hasn't froze long enough to kill the bugs but it cannot be good for the turtles. As the saying goes I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.  So much to do if only I had six arms like vishnu.

Games of perception

Following search engine analytical trails, start with one word or partial phrase and see what the search reccomends, How to K (knit, knit a scarf,) remembering that many people had to ask "how to kill your boss" to make it high on the list than knit.

People watching, look at cartoons in a froeign language and see how little one needs words,  

Run a proxy and see what the news in said countries headlines actually say.

Everytime a political fiasco happens in US something horrible goes unreported, oil spills, flynt mi,- dig for Real news.

Put a video on YT as not public By link only, and see how many views it gets.

Look at a paradox, with fresh eyes,  that perhaps both things ,could be true without breaking the universe

Odd observations

It used to be you had to watch so much of a vid on YT before you could like/comment.  Have to bee signed in and watch at least a third to count as a view.  Also If I make a streaming channel of the birds who eats with  my chickens, where is the option for videos for cats

Incomplete bio

I am currently using an old laptop,that generally runs the camera to the front yard.  The touch pad and keyborad are atrocious on it, I need to set up my room with the computer desk and run a wire to get one of my other machines online.  Soon I have many bulbs to move and a ditchline of irises to spread out.  Spring time is upon us. Rainy days are good days to go through hard drives and testing tv card drivers. lol

Peace Love and Empathy